March 9th, 2020

Fred Dinenage: I want to be the Craig Revel-Horwood of the Strictly judging panel!

2019 Strictly FD Judge2 Reveal Landscape

Tell us why have you agreed to take part in Rowans Does Strictly 

Well, I would do anything to help Rowans Hospice because it is the most wonderful place and I genuinely mean that. I have been there on many occasions as Rowans has cared for members of my own family. It’s a very special place, with very special people working there.

I would do anything to help and what’s more, this is going to be such a fun event!  Hopefully it will attract lots of people, be very entertaining and raise much needed funds, because Hospices do not get the help they should from the Government.  So what could be better than raising much needed funds and having a great evening at the same time?!

What are you looking for in each dancer?

I am going to swat up by watching Strictly Come Dancing and listen to what all the pro Judges say, especially Craig Revel-Horwood because secretly I would quite like to be the CRH of the Panel!

I will also use my own common sense and see who looks to be the best mover, who has the best co-ordination and then hopefully I’ll come to the right decision. We also have a proper dancer on the Panel, so I am sure Bessie will give us some good tips!

What’s your favourite type of dance?

Well, because I am so immobile and I’m old fashioned, I really love a nice Waltz; you can’t beat a nice Waltz! You can mooch around the dance floor and hopefully not tread on each other’s feet.

What would be your favourite song to dance to, even if it’s not a Waltz?

I suppose ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond would be my favourite song as it brings back such lovely memories for me. We named our eldest daughter after that song as it was a hit at the time. Caroline is now the MP for Gosport.

Finally, what does dancing mean to you, Fred?

Actually, in all honesty dancing brings back bad childhood memories! My sister used to go to ballet lessons when we were young children. However, one day she came home and announced she didn’t want to do ballet anymore, she wanted to go to First Aid classes.

Well, my dad, who was quite careful with money didn’t want to waste all the lessons, so he said I would have to go instead! I replied that I needed a new bike, so it was agreed if I went to these dancing lessons I could have a new bike!

So, for about 6 or 7 weeks I put on my ballet tights. I found the whole experience really embarrassing, as the only boy amongst all these girls, trying to learn how to pirouette!  It has scarred me ever since, but I did get my new bike!

This event is being held to raise money for the Appeal. Find out more about what the redevelopment plans are here.

Find out more about the LIVE event in May here